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    5 ft. 8 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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What can I say, other than I am an amalgam of many things. I am chill yet spontaneous and adventurous. I have a very creative and active mind and imagination. I see the humanity and interconnectedness which binds us all, which leaves me extremely open minded. I have a silly and often random sense of humor, because I know this life is impermanent, so why take it so seriously?...and yet, I am as deep as the ocean when I’m in the right setting.

My personality type: INTP

I enjoy:
many types of food from different cultures, I also like to cook, gardening, art (painting), music (guitar), staying fit and athletic (go to gym regularly), hiking (love the outdoors), travel - I love seeing other cultures and the architecture. I’ve been to Spain, Amsterdam, Iceland, Japan, and counting. I fell in love with southern Spain and will try to figure out how to live there eventually...haha. I also enjoy shooting, roller coasters, a finely mixed Moscow mule and craft beer...who am I kidding, I’m down for just about anything!

All types really, but there is only one setting for metal, and that is LOUD, haha. TOOL and NIN are my favorite bands of all time.

I enjoy reading anything that sparks my imagination, so deep in the Fiction genres. Philosophy, psychology, the cerebral and the macabre, and the darker side of the human psyche- I want all of it!

My goals:
Recently, I’ve been on a spiritual journey- to expand my psychic and intuitive abilities. I want to continue to strengthen my talents in the healing works as well. I have to do something with all that Plutonian energy! Haha.

What I am looking for

Fun and passion drive me romantically, I crave deep and real connections and lively conversations.

We all wander this earth in search and hopes to find this, in some way we want to know the experience- however wonderful, vulnerable, transformative, and completely frightening it may be.