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I'm a divorced, single, mom!!!!! But haven't dated in a long time if you have patience you will understand that i'm in a zone. Not easy being me, but I'm fun. Been through alot in my life so I like to take it slow. I'm in no rush to get anywhere but finish school and get my BA's. Are there any serious men out here that is looking to grow with me to accomplish something I started years ago.
HighSchool: North Moore High School
Music: Music hmmmm well r&b, rap, world music, reggaton, oh yea love reggae music
TV: HHMMM Lately Criminal Minds, any Crime shows, OH Don't forget Snapped!!! You know they should never made this show!!!LOL
Books: love books, I have my collection from stepehen king to Eric Jerome, sistah souljah
Sports: Let's just say the eagles pick a good man to be on their team
Interests: Well love the beach but have not been in years. Movies, nice walks in the park, church love that, and when I just want to have fun hmmmmmmmm???????? Because I had cried for so many years. I want to laugh again.
Movies: Hey anything that makes me laugh, thrillers hey I'm a jason and halloween queen love those
BestFeatures: my lips, feet, eyes
Dreams: Well my dream is to find Mr. Right to except me for me. want to finish getting my BA in psychology

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